We are always on the look for driven, curious and talented people who share the passion for solving the unsolved problems.

For graduates

Trainee program

2-year program

A two year program, where you get a real taste of the entrepreneurial life by rotating through several of our portfolio companies, as well as Firda itself. The program is divided into four engagements of 6 months each

A flying start

We are looking to young talents a flying start in the startup-sphere. By giving real work experiences in exciting technology startups, we opt to develop candidates that are able to deliver entrepreneurial- or leadership value later on

What we look for

Even though the background and skills of our Firda Trainees vary, we commonly look for people with a business mind and strong technical or analytical skills. It is also a big plus if you are passionate about making a difference

What to expect

As a Firda trainee you can expect varied work tasks, a steep learning curve and a once in a lifetime opportunity to collaborate with several world leading technology startups. In return, we expect you to be direct, trustworthy, devoted and committed. Are you ready for the challenge?


There are currently no open positions for our Trainee program 2024-2026


Apply to become a Firda Trainee by sending your resume and application letter to

For students

Summer internship

5-8 weeks

The summer internship program is a 5-8 week program, where you get the opportunity to deliver direct value by working in small teams on meaningful (and real) projects.

What we look for

In our experience, it is more important to find the right person, than the right “position”. Therefore, we welcome anyone of driven, analytical and curious character to apply to our summer internship program. Preferably you are a 4th year student, with a mind for business, and strong technical or analytical skills.

What to expect

What you will be working on depends on your background, skills and our ongoing projects. We will strive to find the match that complements and strengthens our team, and you can therefore expect a steep learning curve and the chance to make a difference.


There are currently no open positions for our summer internship 2024.


Apply to become a summer intern in 2025 by sending your resume and application letter to