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Our style is not for everyone. We are direct and expect the same brutal honesty from our portfolio companies. We are trustworthy and expect the same high standards from everyone we engage with. We are devoted and expect the same endurance from our entrepreneurs.

Geir Førre

Managing Partner

Geir Førre is a serial entrepreneur who founded and led Chipcon and Energy Micro, two successful Norwegian semiconductor companies from inception to exit. He was also the founding investor and Chairman of Prox Dynamics, who pioneered a whole new industry within Nano UAV helicopters.

Magnus Nordseth


Magnus was a management consultant before joining Energy Micro as one of the first employees. In Energy Micro he held a variety of product development and company development roles. He was a part of the core integration team when Energy Micro was integrated into Silicon Laboratories and was later also a key member of the team that acquired BlueGiga.

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