In Firda Seed we aim to make five new investments per year, and we typically invest in the first equity round between 1-2,5MNOK for 10% ownership.

Our terms are founder friendly and and we do not take board seats, nor do we meddle in decision making. We make our immense network and experience available to our portfolio founders, and support them anyway we can.

We look for highly ambitious and competent teams tackling major, global problems with technology.

We like that founders and employees have a significant stake in the company and we also enjoy co-investing with others who are dedicated to supporting the long-term success of the venture.

Our portfolio companies

Our portfolio companies share the passion for solving unsolved problems, the excitement of disrupting the market with new ways of doing things and the dream of creating something bigger than themselves.

NOMY develops new meat alternatives, new bio-composites and new protein sources - all from mycelium. Good for people, good for the planet.

Investment: 2021. Ownership: 5%


Spoor is developing an AI-powered software for bird monitoring on wind farms, a biodiversity monitoring solution that enables industry and nature to coexist.

Investment: 2021. Ownership: 8%


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