We devote a significant amount of time and energy supporting our Firda Active portfolio companies through all phases of the company journey. We always have one or two board seats and often serve as Chair.

Our initial investment is typically very early and sometimes already at company inception. Initial investment amount is typically in the range of 5MNOK for 20-25% ownership.

We are a full lifecycle investor and aim to maintain or increase our ownership throughout the journey, most often as lead investor in investment rounds. We can cumulatively invest up to 100MNOK per company.

We like that founders and employees have a significant stake in the company and we also enjoy co-investing with others who are dedicated to supporting the long-term success of the venture. We prefer to build values for the long-haul and target the companies to become publicly listed companies rather than being acquired.

Our portfolio companies

Our portfolio companies share the passion for solving unsolved problems, the excitement of disrupting the market with new ways of doing things and the dream of creating something bigger than themselves.