Empowering Norwegian tech startups to become global leaders

We partner with exceptional tech entrepreneurs and work closely with them from company inception through all phases of the journey towards global leadership.

  • 5-7 Companies

    We prefer deep long-term engagements with few companies rather than spreading thin. We devote significant time and energy on each of the portfolio companies.

  • 1-5 MNOK Initial investment

    We conduct a thorough due diligence before committing to a new company. We like to invest early, preferably already at inception, and are comfortable with the imperfection of a new venture.

  • 20-30% Target ownership

    We target to have a significant ownership in each portfolio company. We like that founders and employees have a significant stake of the company and we also enjoy co-investing with others who are dedicated to support the long-term success of the venture.

  • 50 MNOK Max investment

    We have a long-term strategy and we aim to increase or maintain our ownership throughout the journey, often as the lead investor in investment rounds. We can cumulative invest up to 50MNOK per portfolio company.

  • 3.5 BNOK Exits

    Since 2006 we have exited 3 portfolio companies representing a total exit value of more than 3.5 billion NOK.