Firda is an investment company founded by serial entrepreneur Geir Førre, after his 3 successful exits with Energy Micro, Chipcon and Prox Dynamics. Since 2015 Firda has been an active investor in Norwegian technology companies that are highly scalable and have a positive impact on the world.

Our mission is to use our capital and entrepreneurial experience to empower Norwegian tech startups to become global leaders. We do this through our two investment mandates, Firda Active and Firda Seed.

Our portfolio companies share a few common traits; exceptional founders on a mission to take giant leaps towards a healthy planet, they are working on a significant engineering innovation or scientific advancement, and a founding team with world class technical competence in their respective field. We invest across several segments, including IoT, robotics, clean energy and SaaS.



We are direct and expect the same brutal honesty from our portfolio companies. We are trustworthy and expect the same high standards from everyone we engage with. We are devoted and expect the same endurance from our entrepreneurs. We are committed to efforts addressing major global challenges.


We are supported by a very competent board of directors with a broad experience with technology companies from a variety of angles. Heidi has extensive experience from strategy and management consulting. John Helge has lifelong business, sales executive and board level experience from several successful technology companies. Aksel is a former world athlete in alpine skiing and now full-time technology investor and partner in a VC fund and serves as board member and chair in several technology companies. Tellef has lifelong experience as Managing Partner in a leading tech VC-firms and serving as board member and chair of many technology companies. Martina is a software engineer in Zivid and Ingrid is finishing her MSc in Software Design in the summer of 2023. Kjetil works in Stenshagen Invest, and is a highly experienced analyst and investor with many years of experience within various financial institutions and investment firms.

Tellef Thorleifsson

CEO of Norfund

John Helge Fjellheim


Heidi Thaulow

Director & Partner at Arkwright Consulting

Ingrid Karina Førre

Master student at IT-University in Copenhagen

Martina Rebekka Førre

Software Engineer at Zivid

Aksel Lund Svindal

Partner at Norselab

Kjetil Garstad

Stenshagen Invest

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We are always on the look for new and exciting teams. Teams who have a passion for solving unsolved problems and a dream of creating something bigger than themselves. So if you have an innovative idea or a promising business, we'll be happy to hear from you!

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